Photo and VDO Production

To produce 1xVDO and photoset for Job Street client to boardcast Asian countries.


Locations and telents scouting for interesting and unique locations all over Southest Asia countries that match the needs of the setting of story. And in this short period of time, countries that match the needs of the story. And in this short period of time. We need produce the maximum amount of digital assets to give our client the flexibility to choose the perfect product that they see fit.



Thailand is know as a production hub of ASEAN, while ASEAN is known as its rich of diverse casts, location. and culture and that create unique and diverse acting and styling. And on this assignment, we need to manage to find diverse talented cast, location and prop, eith the challenge that our scouting needs to match with each ASEAN country and client's needs within limited setting and time. We also have to provide quality translations in English, Chinese, Malay and Thai. Moreover, with our seamless Video and Still photo production arrangment, we can leverage all resources to mixzimize contents.