Production support

Our production support team was assigned to support a foreign photographer shooting on location for 11 days. The image requirement is to show powerful performance and durability of the vehicle.


The challenge is to find a location where we can showcase the vehicle's performance and durability significantly to show that it is tough to withstand every road type, such as any place that is insanely difficult to drive with potholes and rough roads and to park a vehicle on the top of the skyscraper with a view of river and city skyline. Besides, the team must keep a vehicle out of the public eye and prohibit everyone to take photographs as it was confidential information and could not disclose. 


Before shooting, we need to send a car specialist team to scout for locations including bringing the car for vehicle testing in those locations. and to treat this production as strictly confidential, we also have a team to cover a vehicle and cover up the logo as well.