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In the part of Video Production department, this year we had opportunity to create more works than before and we are so proud in every project either big or small. We had fun thinking and working from the beginning of the year. Please visit our Youtube channel and see the works we are so proud to present.

Also, we would like to introduce “Mr.Monde” our talented director with variety of works in his portfolio. This year, Mr.Monde creates numbers of impressive works. To experience some of his creations, Please visit :

With the reinforcement from “Mr.Joke” the producer and "Fon" the veteran in production, media, TVC, Web film and Video business, our team is ready to serve the demand of various video production projects.
Not only an experienced producer but “Mr. Joke” also works as director. View his works at Link:

Moreover, welcome “Mr. Tak” the young director whose works are fun and interesting. Mr.Tak is ready to help you to expand your ideas to create the right contents for your target customers. Please visit

For video and projects other than still photography, please contact "Mr.Joke" or Syamin at and Mr. Bird” at 

At CLUB by Chamni’s eye, we have high quality journal of knowledge content from all over the world for you to follow every Saturday at Chamni’s eye page by “Khun Ice”, our beautiful content creator with high sharing engagement rate in Social media. Do not miss our interesting content in 2019.
Link for content by Khun Ice :


In 2018 Chamni’s eye has been creating fun online content with useful information you might never see before by our team of content creators from CLUB CHANNEL TH. There will be 4 more new programs to be launched before year end at FB, YT and WEBSITE

Ka-luy, three lady boys’ upcountry adventure to learn local way of living, Thai wisdom, products and culture in they will give you more reasons to love Thailand and you will also love them too.


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BOBSAYS, content by Bob GURU about taste, fashion and stories of overwhelming fashionable items and how to make a selection, mix and match to create cool and tasteful looks with useful information for everyday sophistication in style. 


GYP EYE, the actress Gyp Pokchat in another perspective. This program will follow her activities with all the non-stop surprises this beautiful girl has for us. 

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By bringing Stage Performance into online world, they will show stage plays on screen through stories of Bangkokians in our hometown. They will inspire us to improve our home. 




We have been serving CLMV for years, yet in 2018 we went another step further by producing photo, video and other type of content for our neighbour country market.

In the middle of 2018, we filmed advertisement for the brand Mistine in Myanmar for My Choice My passion campaign with Project K, the Myanmar cover dance team as presenter.
This project inspired us to learn the back stories of Project K who won cover dance award in South Korea. So we interviewed them for MM LOOKOUT – the new alternative Myanmar online magazine by Chamni’s eye which can be reached through website, Facebook fanpage and Youtube

Through the interview, we saw the path of Myanmar artists who overcame difficulties from social pressure, peers and families to do things they love. Their success became example and inspiration for young people in Myanmar to express oneself and follow their dreams too. See the scream worthiness of Korean style Myanmar boy band at

Another video production for CLMV is “Crocodile” Thai brand grout in Myanmar’s market. Directed by “Mr.Joke”, this TVC is another work of Club By Chamni’s eye in Myanmar. Watch it at

Other than production, still photograph and video for every dimension of communication, we also develop content creation and media work in Myanmar with 3 media channels to serve lifestyle and interest of customers in Myanmar.

BLOOM MYANMAR TV in Facebook, Youtube and Website is the talk show under the topics of women’s interests such as health and beauty, fashion and lifestyle, entertainment, information and products review especially for women. 


MM LOOKOUT in Facebook, Youtube and Website presents alternative content about art & living, culture, travel, fashion & style and interview with creative people, artist, brands marketer. 

PRO HOPPING new page for variety of promotions, lifestyle, food and shopping in Myanmar. 

For advertisement production project, social and digital media content creation and production, please contact:


The still photography department of Chamni’s eye has been in the business for a long time and growing to the 30th year in 2019 with trust and support from our clients who gave us opportunities to collaborate and produce many interesting works. 2018 was challenging year, but our team of still photography are ready to meet even more challenges in 2019. Thank you to all our clients who always support Chamni’s eye.
For still photography project, please contact 
Our producer will get right back to you.


Other than production works we put our best efforts in all year long, this year we also came up with new project to promote creative society under the name of “Clapper Club” the CSR activities by Chamni’s eye to support new generation of creative people who are trying to find an opportunity to learn and develop their creative skill.

The aim of Chamni’s eye is to take part in developing Thailand’s creative society by building the community with spaces and opportunity to share knowledge and experience. 
Our project provide experts in each field of work to provide lecture and workshop for creative people in various areas who are in the start of their careers and need help to gain know how and skill to expand their works. 

We already organized 3 activities
CLUB #01 “5 sciences of Design Rangers” how to do the research for creative designing by Eyedropper Fill 

Clapper CLUB #02 “Oh the post production people” teaching technique to create and the process of post production by Pokpong Pairush Koomone. 

Clapper Club #03: “Designing for Change” the process of designing thinking and the understanding of trends to create innovation in the changing world by Kamolnart Ongwandee.

Learn more about the project, how to join, what are the topics of seminar-workshop courses and watch video clips from past events with Khun Olive Suwannee at

Please follow us at Facebook page Clapper Club
Clapper Club also provides spaces for product design artists to present and sell their work to get feedback and support at Shop Clapper Club at Yelo House. For those who are interested, please come take a look and support our local artists.